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How to place / show your Google Adsense ads below every post title in blogger?

Google Adsense is a special service of Google. It is a most popular advertising network. Google takes order for publicity of millions of different companies & through Adsense, Google gives these companies ads in your blogs. Those companies pay to Google for publicity of their products & Google pay you to place their ads in your blog. If you have an Adsense account so you can earn money through online.

How to place ads below every post title?

If you have a Adsense account so you have to know where you place Google Adsense ads. Bellowing post title is a right place for showing your Adsense ads. But it it most difficult to place ads post by post. Don't worry, i have an idea for placing your Adsense ads automatically in every post title. Just follow this post & giving thanks for this post if you are grateful.

 Google Adsense,Adsense

First convert your Adsense ads which you want to place bellow every post title
  • Then Just Log in your Blogger account
  • Then go to Template & Backup your template
  • After Edit Html & search the following code 

  • Paste the bellowing code just above/before <data:post.body/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
    Your converted Ad Unit Code Goes Here
Just see our picture

Google Adsense,Adsense

Adsense - Get Your Own Google Adsense Account Within 2 Hours

I know everybody want to earn money from online but somebody become successful but maximum become failure. Adsense is a most popular way to earn money from online. Adsense has its own policy so everybody should maintain its policy if they want to active his adsense account. If you have a blog/website so you can earn money from online. Google adsense is a trusted website which can gives you some ads. You should to paste adsense ads in your blog & when people click these ads then you earn money But don't try to click you own ads because for that google beaned your adsense account. Get ready to get your own adsense account.

100% guaranty if you follow thats all steps so you can get a google adsense within 2 hours.

1st Step:

You must have one Youtube Channel. If you don't have so please create an account on youtube. Mind it, when you create Youtube Channel then give your Country as United States.

If you have a Youtube Channel so click this link & change your . First Log In to Youtube.

2nd Step:

If you Change your location so get ready for 2ns step. Just Click & enable your account Monetization. Then just upload an unique video.


 3rd Step:

Now set your Google Adsense Account. Just click this links 
Click on next

Write your all information correctly. Do not use fack information. Just give your real address. Google Approved your adsense account after only 2 hours.

Note: You have to an email address which never disapproved by Adsense.

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