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Folder Axe


Folder Axe is a splitter & Encrypting Software. You can split any file with in 5 second size does not matter. It can give you the advantage of encrypting. You can manage Your big files.

  • Use as Splitter
  • Can use as Encrypter
  • Small Size
  • Update automatically so u can remain up to date
  • Split any file with in 5 second no matter about file size or type
Publisher Website:   Visit


You can translate one language to another language by Transmiti. It is easy to use.... Freeware apps means fully free from piracy. We should to use Freeware software. This software is easy to use from Google Translate. You can try to use is.

Feature & Advantage

  • Small Size
  • Easy To Use
  • Most Language are Supported
  • Totally Free
  • Desktop Based translations Software
  • Its a portable software
Publisher Website: Visit

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